GFSME provides eligible immigrants, who are mainly refugees, semi or unskilled labour, professionals  selected for resettlement abroad with access to funding that would otherwise not be available to them. Loans are used to cover a number of expenses, including travel and other costs associated with resettlement.
Our Loan cover for the job placement fee, visa fee, flight ticket and accommodation.
OUR VISION is for every intending immigrants to reach their economic potential.
OUR MISSION is to run a profitable business providing excellent credit services and human resources services in a caring, upscale and professional value, customer service and consistent growth.

GFSME is a registered finance company since 2008. We offer microloans to help skilled immigrants and refugees continue their careers in their new country of residence. Funded by the public and private sector, GFSME is one of the largest and most successful microlending program for immigrants and refugees to Canada, USA, Australia, France and United Kingdom .

With various affiliations around the world.

GFSME takes a radical approach to solving staffing challenges. By being the first in creating this new on-demand marketplace, we enable businesses to quickly and efficiently connect with skilled employees to meet their immediate, short-term or long-term staffing needs. For contractors, we provide the opportunity to instantly pick up shifts tailored to their skills, experience, and schedule.

With more than 10 years’ experience, we find the right people for employers and the right jobs for job seekers across the globe.

Looking for temporary admin jobs or career positions in banking and finance, insurance, healthcare, legal and more?

Count on our tenured staff to make your search simple and successful.

Never be short-staffed again.

Businesses report absenteeism typically occurs between two and fifteen times every month. With only a few clicks, GFSME helps connect businesses with a wide range of qualified workers for immediate, short, or long-term staffing needs. This ensures businesses maintain both their service and quality, reduce overtime expenses, and keep morale high among their current employees.