GFSME has announced a new pilot program to support new immigrants willing to work and live in Abroad.

The three-year pilot project, known as the Foreign Recognition Loans Pilot, will make it easier for internationally trained labours to find jobs in their fields.

The Foreign Recognition Loans Pilot plans to develop and test innovative projects that provide financial assistance to internationally trained labours to lessen some of their financial burdens such as visa fee, flight ticket, accommodation etc.

The organization is committed in making it easier for immigrants to join the labour market in their prospective destination country,” said the CEO Mr. George Douglas. “We want newcomers to be able to use their skills as soon as possible in their new country of residence and work to their full potential. It’s good for them and good for their new country economy.”

GFSME has  received more than $1.7 million from our partners. In total, we are expected to invest $18 million over three years for similar projects in USA and Australia.

To apply for the immigrant loan, kindly mail: